Mountain Biking

SECCC Clemson

2015 collegiate road season has officially started! This past weekend Mars Hill Cycling drove down to Clemson, SC to start off the season. On Saturday we raced the road race, and the TTT. Both of those courses were really fun; there was a little bit of climbing, and a lot of rolling sections. I got a 2nd place in the road race on Saturday, and the TTT was good practice for nationals. Sunday we raced the crit! In the morning Rachael, Josie, Paige, and I raced the B’s crit, we lead out Josie and she got a second place finish! Immediately after the race, Paige and I upgraded to A’s and started warming up for the A crit. Paige and I both ended up mid pack in the A crit. It was a successful weekend and I couldn’t be more lucky to have all of these great girls as team mates. We have a lot to work on, but as nationals gets closer, we will be ready.


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